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what dose rendezvous mean?

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    Hello ceasar,
    It doesn't mean as a term "are you going ?"
    Ceasar means probably "rendez-vous" which could mean:
    - appointment:
    prendre rendez-vous avec qn
    to make an appointment with somebody.

    - date
    j'ai un rendez-vous ce soir
    I've got a date tonight.

    - gathering ,specially artistic one

    - meeting place
    Il est arrive en retard au rendez-vous.
    He arrived late at the meeting place.

    I think your question is asking the meaning of "rendez vous". It is French, not Japanese.

    rendez is to go, vous is you. It means are you going?

    rendezvous (rondi'voo) could either be a noun or a verb:

    noun: a place appointed for assembling or meeting or a meeting at an appointed place and time
    "tell everyone that the old train station will be our rendezvous for Sunday's activity."

    verb (intransitive): to meet at a rendezvous or to bring together at a rendezvous .


    Excellent answer guys...
    what else i should said it all correctly..


    A rendezvous can also mean a secret meeting or a secret date. was a new word for me...

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