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what is Love translated in other launguages?

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    Hello Ceasar,

    In French: "Amour".
    In Spanish: "Amor".
    In Portuguese: "Amor".
    In Italian: "Amare".
    In German: "Liebe".
    In Welsh: "Cariad".
    In Greek: "Agape".
    In CHinese: "ai" 爱

    "Cinta" (in Malay)
    "oi" (in Cantonese)

    Hi it is languages, not launguages.
    Lithuanian= meile

    In Philippines=mahal..


    in addition to Cowboy Roi, Love also means "Pag-ibig" - (noun) in Philippine Language.


    In malayalam, love = sneham or ishtam or premam....
    In hindi, love = pyar or ishq or mohabbath

    Yêu in Vietnamese

    Любовь [l`ubov`] in russian
    Кохання [kohann`a] in ukrainian

    in Chinese is ai爱.

    in arebic حب
    Pyaar = HINDI
    Prem = Gujarati
    Amor = Spanish

    XD You sucha a sweet guy to be asking about love.. XD XD XD God Bless You. X even though m the same age as you LOl.. XD

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