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"바보야"..what does that mean? pls..tnx..*)

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    바보야 means "gaga" or "gago" in tagaolog.

    Irazna, this is my second time translating for you. You should buy me lunch - I am fond of sushii OK :0P hehehe ! ( or ask Carlos to deliver the pizza to me from the Philippines OK)

    Whoever was calling you : Pabo ya ? was either very close to you( a good friend may be ? ) or was very rude and insulted you. It means : Are you an idiot, a fool or stupid ?( So, go and kick his ass, I will be your cheer leader OK :- )
    Hope all this works out for you, give me a shout !
    Don't Worry and Be Happy
    Hope th

    傻瓜, idiot, it doesn't sound too friendly.



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