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How to introduce myself impressively in a job interview?

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    Hello Clare,
    There are some tips that could enhance your image in a job interview:

    *What concerns the outfit and body image:
    - It is preferable in job interviews to adopt business dress, not casual or even smart casual.The exception is you are told in advance to dress casually.
    - Limit any exposure of Piercings and tattoos if you have any and try to look
    as professional as possible.
    - Women shouldn't wear too many accessories , modesty is important to
    give an impression of being job focused.
    - Develop a good hand shake and smile.The nonverbal communication
    is crucial in building an impressive image. It includes even your
    entrance , eye contact and posture. Those things you can't usually
    alter by evoking a personality you are not, however there are traits that
    could be acquired by practice so that they become like second nature.

    ** What concerns your attitude before and during the interview:
    - Before the interview rehearse questions you may be asked, key
    questions you know the interviewer might be asking. They might ask
    you for example : " What do you know about the company's products
    and the services they offer?" A previous practice will put you in
    readiness when asked the question.
    - During the interview show your interest in the company's activities and your willingness to learn and attend training programs .
    - Avoid asking questions such as how vacation time and sick leave are earned or how much insurance coverage the benefits package contains.
    That doesn't give a good impression; the employer will tell you about it

    ** To end the interview:
    - Before leaving express your appreciation to the interviewer and reaffirm
    your interest in the position.
    - Tell the interviewer that you spent interesting and informative time with
    them and don't forget the firm handshake again ;)
    - Express your hope to hear from the interview soon and your eagerness
    to work for the company ,it could also impress the interviewer.

    Dress properly, tell something good about yourself, tell them that your offer for the job will benefit to them (not you). Don't tell them what you don't like, disagree and/or your personal disappointments, failures, depresses.

    I find that a good first impression is often NOT in the words you say, but in body language. Smile when you meet. Whatever sign of greeting is traditional in your country (here, we shake hands), do this properly and firmly.

    Keep good eye contact. Lean slightly forward toward the speaker, never back. Give SOME sign that you are listening (e.g., nod your head, add "that's good" or "I see"); but, don't overdo it. Don't seem overly eager and don't interrupt.

    When you are asked a personal question or something about how you think, take a minute to be quiet and THINK. Don't blurt out something. The employer will appreciate that you are taking time to give a good answer.

    When you leave, smile. And again, perform the traditional exit gesture (hand shake, etc.), firmly but not overly eagerly.

    Good luck!

    All the advice here is excellent. Whatever you do, don’t be late and don’t show up looking hot and sweaty, untidy or out of breath. Your first impression will go a long way. While a little small talk is great for settling nerves before the formal interview begins, be careful what you say as some interviewers use it as part of their strategy.

    Having a positive and confident attitude in general is important to make these efforts work for you. Be honest, don't pretend or enter the interview with a fake CV , because sooner or later your actual qualifications will be revealed. Know your potentiality and emphasize on your assets!
    All the best :)

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