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Why does chinese people does not like japanese people so much ?

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    When I was in China, this topic was explained to me in the following manner. Many people from China have very strong nationalistic and traditional views. Due to their upbringing, they tend to feel about certain things as strongly as their ancestors Therefore, some Chinese inhabitants in in China still hold grudges against Japan.However, the reason why you do not see this in Japan, is due to the fact that many facts about WW2 were not included in Japanese history textbooks. This has allowed the younger Japanese generation not to follow in their ancestor's footsteps. I stress that this is not my personal opinion, I am not prejudiced against any nationality.

    Chinese like Japanese, you may notice here at italki that Chinese are learning Japanese and make friends with them. The image of Chinese don't like Japanese is only a political issue.

    From 1931 to 1945,Japanese army killed more than 27 million chinese in china.But untill now,the Japanese government hasn't apologized officially for it.


    the history /the body and emotion hurt/political issue.~~~ very complicated

    its complicated.but the main reason is about wars.if you have read some books about the war,you can easily understand why dont like japan much.

    maybe u will dislike someone did wrong to u, but never admit it.

    and deny or pretend he didnt do.

    It's hard to answer this question.

    In China , many people express their emotions against Japan ,especially the elderly because of the war and Jpanese government's attitude toward Nanking Massacre.The later is more important and more indignant .

    No one is perfect,no country is perfect either. However we have the courage to face what we had done ,not merely to deny .

    World War II: Japanese Invasion of China (1937)

    Japanese army slaughtered Chinese and they don't even admit the fact. More than 20 million Chinese died during the war against Japan in world war II.

    You may be trapped !! Don't let the history stimulate your anger.

    Japan lost the WWII, they are not allowed to have army. But, in Japan, young men are still being trained in the millitary, they changed the name from millitary to police force. But they don't have weapons. If Japan go to war, the weapons has to be supplied by US. Recently, US want Japan to have millitary. It is obviously that US join force with Japan is against China. Similary, China will join force with Russia.

    Chinese President visit Japan, he promissed Japan to let the history by-gone, work together for the future. Today, Japan still not having army yet, The Japanese claimed that it is their constitution law not to have army. US urge Japan to remove it from the constitution. However, if the history can successfully stimulate the Chinese anger toward Japanese, Japan will have no choice to remove it's law from constitution, having army and join force with US. At that time, what is the benefit to China- Be Cool and think wisely. History is not as simple as we think, Japan is under presure too.

    let me ask u this question:why u guys dont like or hate Nazi and Hitler? why chinese ppl dont like Japanese ppl? no,we chinese like japanese ppl,what we dont like r those who launched war invaded Chinese territory and killed tens of thousands of chinese ppl not chinese soldiers...but deny the truth!We chinese love peace and we respect their spirit of unity and Innovation but it doesnt mean that we could put up with
    history been tampered . why we should mentione this?why we chinese choose to write this down on our history book ? We dont want China's next generation to hate Japanese ppl, we just to let them to remember “Behind will be beaten” which the history have already taught us.

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