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Kindly recommend me some novels you read and found extraordinarily good.

I prefer them readable in English or German. They could be of any origin but then translated into one of those languages.
Please mention the author and if you could add a quick brief I will appreciate.
The theme and the period of events are not definite*could be any!*
It just has to be your favorite literary piece.
Thanks in advance:)

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    Hi Cherry, I loved 'Unpolished Gem' by Alice Pung. It takes up where books like Jung Chang’s Wild Swans leave off. From China to Cambodia, Vietnam and then to Thailand, Alice Pung’s family fled war and starvation to find asylum on Australian shores. With hope and energy, Pung’s family set about discovering their new home—the Melbourne suburb of Footscray. Conceived in a refugee camp in Thailand, but born here within two months of her parents’ arrival, Pung straddles both worlds. As she begins school, it becomes up to her to ease the transition from the uncertainty of Southeast Asia to western abundance.

    Kite Runner

    well, talking about literature tastes vary a lot from person to person, so....
    anyway, John leCarre is read differently now cold war is over. exept "a little drummer girl" which i couldnt finish cause i was falling into the same hypnotic situation of the character of the novel, any title will do. How about "a small town in germany". I like peter handke and he has a dietary very interesting, but it is not a novel.
    you may consider "running dogs" by don delillo, or "talking it over" by julian barnes. if you may like to hear a bit about the feelings of people in north ireland those hard times, for me was a big surprise "shadows on our skin" by jennifer johnston. anyway, just a few options among myriads of possibilities.

    Pride and Prejudice is a nice book.

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