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What is a good price for a plane ticket to Xi'an China?4

I'm going to be flying to Xi'an China the last week of August. I'm buying a one way ticket, and my dates are flexiable. Using American ticket websites, I've found a ticket from Omaha NE, USA to Xi'an Shaanxi Provence, China for $604 USD.

Would it be cheaper to buy the ticket using a Chinese website or airline? Does anyone else have an even better suggestion?

Thanks SO much for you help! I'm really looking forward to my trip!

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    hi , i have a suggestion which you can fly from Omaha NE, USA to Beijing or Shanghai ,China and then transfer to Xian .here is a useful website for you , maybe u can got the ticket by the best price . by the way , will u go to Xian for holiday travel ? It is a beatiful city with a long histry .If u have any another question , u can ask me ?

    I am afraid I can help on this question.But i live in Xi'an now,and if you wanna find a guide here ,i am very glad to be and it is all for free.

    I think $604 is already a godd price, unless there is a special offer.

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