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lioviaus 这个词是啥意思

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    actually there is word 'lioviaus' in Lithuanian.
    It means "I stopped doing something"

    'lioviaus' or 'lioviausi' is past tense of 'liautis'

    Few examples:
    Liaukis rėkti! = Stop shouting!
    Lioviausi bėgti = I have stopped to run

    Laba diena Liam. There is no such word as 'lioviaus' in Lithuanian. There is a word 'lova' which means 'a bed'. If you are writing that 'I got up out of bed' it would be 'As atsikeliau is lovos' in Lithuanian. You can learn Lithuanian for free at :

    For Lithuanian language explanations: phonetics, methodology, lexicon, syntax and other grammatical advice go to;

    International Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Courses are held annually in the city of Kaunas in Lithuania:

    Lithuanian online dictionaries: Everyday Lithuanian:

    A more detailed dictionary can be found at:

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