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how do you say " i missed you in arabic "?

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    eshtakto elayka
    اشتقت اليك

    You in English can be for both male and female. Smartammar's answer is to address a male. If you want to address a female you say:
    eshtakto elaykee
    إشتقت إليكي
    Hope you meant the first. "chuckles"

    to a female: إشتقك لكي
    to a male : إشتقت لك

    1-if you're talkin to a male: أشتقتلك-واحشني Eshta'atelak-wa7eshni
    2- if talkin to a female: اشتقتلك-وحشتيني Eshta'at(e)lik-wa7asht(e)ni

    The literal meaning is افتقدتك but the true meaning is اشتقت اليك

    ashtqto lk (for male)
    ashtqto lki (for female)
    أنا إشتقت إليك
    means .. i missed you


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