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Appear to understand, but can not write to

Some words, when I see it realized, but the time when I wanted to write, but not write, how to solve?

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    I think that you just need to become more familiar with using English and then you will be able to write more quickly. One thing we used to do in school was keep a journal. You can buy a little notebook and try to write a few paragraphs every day in English on any topic that interests you. Find a language partner and try sending emails or chat with them. I am sure that if you get the chance to write a lot more, you will get better at it.

    Hi, I think that if you have a dictionary next to you, it will be very helpful.

    Hello Rainbow,
    It is a process. You can't apply all the vocabulary you learned at once. You might remember some words and not the others.
    Using a dictionary as noted by Jura is helpful on the short run. It helps you instantly recognize the words and you might be able to memorize them. It is a matter of practice after all. The more you write ,read and listen to English ,the more likely you will hit upon the same words again and again,what helps you learn them by heart.
    Good luck:)

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