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can anyone help me with this paragraph?

negative yes/no question
the options: "wasn't or isn't"
explain your choice^^
You and your friend went out for dinner. Unfortunately, the meal was very bad. After you leave, you say to your friend: " ... " the food awful?.

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    Hello Valefar,

    The correct answer is "wasn't" because you and your friend have left the restaurant; that means that the meal is finished, which in turn means that the food is "in the past".

    To look at it another way, if you were to say, "Isn't the food awful?" it would imply either 1) that the food is "present", in other words, that the food is actually in front of you and you are sitting in the restaurant in the process of eating, or 2) that the food "in general" is awful at that particular restaurant.

    Hope this helps,


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