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Help italki with Japanese Translations. Thank you!


Can you help italki translate the following into your native language? Thank you so much for your help. You are helping us make italki better. : )

Please translate the following:

Subject: Great new way to learn English online (SpeakENG)

Dear italki member:

Are you learning English? italki has partnered with a new service to help you learn English faster. SpeakENG combines an online self-study course (powered by Pearson ELLIS), and one-on-one tutoring from American board-certified school teachers. Now you can learn English through an online course of multimedia videos, speaking practice, interactive exercises and games. The online course is the same ESL product used in many US schools, and is widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive online English programs. SpeakENG also includes one-on-one tutoring, so you can get personal attention from a professional native-English speaking teacher. The tutoring is done through video-chat, so you can learn English from anywhere, and schedule lessons when they are convenient for you.

What you get:
* Subscription to self-study online courses, from beginner to advanced English
* US certified-teachers, who teach you in one-on-one classes over Skype

Choose from several packages. A 1-year subscription to a SpeakENG online course costs only 160 ITC ($16.00 USD) and includes a 15-minute teaching session. Try out an introductory 8-minute one-on-one conversation lesson with a US teacher for 15 ITC ($1.50 USD).

Find out more about SpeakENG on italki.

If you want to view detailed pictures of SpeakENG online courses, click here.

Start improving your English now!

The italki Team

Additional Details:

Dear Xiwang,


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Base language: English
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    italki メンバーの皆様へ

    italki は新たなパートナーと共に、英語習得に向けた新しいサービスを展開します
    SpeakENG は、Pearson ELLIS によって提供されるオンライン個人学習と、アメリカの教育資格を持つ講師陣によるレッスンを組み合わせた画期的なプログラムです

     1年間有効なSpeakENGオンライン個人学習コースへの申し込み費用はわずか 160 ITC ($16.00 USD)です(15分間の教師によるビデオチャットレッスンを含む)
    ・Skype を通じて行う、アメリカの教育資格を持つ教師によるマンツーマンレッスンコース
     15 ITC ($1.50 USD) にて、実際教鞭を振るう教師による、8分間のマンツーマンレッスンを体験することが可能です


    詳しい情報については、italki の SpeakENG 項を参照してください
    (Find out more about SpeakENG on italki.)

    オンライン個人学習についての詳細は こちらをクリック
    (If you want to view detailed pictures of SpeakENG online courses, click here.)


    italki 運営チーム
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