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I want some suggestions about the major which is siutable for me.

My major is International Economy and Trade,and I want to apply for a master course in an Australian universisty.
I want some suggestions about the major which is siutable for me.

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    try nursing...
    its good and easy to get job and pr
    good money

    The schooling system is universal, taking graduate course(s) is not the same as taking course(s) toward your master degree. If you are applying for a master degree in Australia colleges, you will need an official transcript from your school in China, you have no choice for another major. Unless you are taking the core courses for your second bachelor degree.

    Isn't it hard to shift from Economy major to Nursing?

    Anyway, I don't know what it is exactly called but, I suggest you pursue your master course with what you've started - that is something about International Economy and Trade / Business Administration.


    well try to take romulus advice business admin.its kind of related to your course


    Hi Jianna, there are course advisers in all Australian universities who are able to help you decide about your major once you are accepted in a university.
    Overseas students are only able to study in an overseas fee-paying place and must pay overseas student fees at Australian universities. - 35k

    Hi Jianna, the information about being only able to study is not correct. All international student automatically entitled to get paid work of 20 hours a week during class times and 40 hours per week during the vacation.

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