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what is drop me a line?

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    "Drop me a line" was first used in the 17th century. Then it meant "send me a few words in writing." A "line" meant a line of writing. In those days a letter or a message would be delivered directly to the person for whom it was intended. So, the messenger would drop it off* at your home, perhaps hand in to you personally by dropping it in you lap.

    *drop it off means deliver it.

    In the modern world "drop me a line" has a more general meaning and could refer to almost any kind of written message: a letter, a telegram or a telephone text message, for example.

    It can also mean to "call someone on the telephone". Although, that is not the original meaning. I think that is because now some people think "line" means telephone line.
    I'll drop you a line when I get to the airport. [ I'll give you a call.]


    Lyrics from the song "Drop Me a Line" by the Slycaps.

    i wanna hear your voice on the phone

    everyday when i get home

    i'm home all the time

    drop me a line

    It's an informal and more friendly way of saying "Send me a message."

    it could also mean "send me a letter".


    It means send him a short message

    give sb a message

    It exact meaning is to "give me a call".

    write me a letter

    give me a message

    It means get in touch/ let me know how you are going.

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