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Football Manage 2009

it is an amused games,which doesn't need to be online.
i think the boys would like it if you like watching football ,and it would help you with english learning about football.

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oh ,i am so sorry that i haven't explain it detailedly.the FM2009 is a games which doesn't need to play on the net

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ok,Jura.then ,the Football Manage 2009 is an athletic sports game that you can trade football players to make your own team stronger.Firstly,you are the manager(coach) of a team,you can join in the league matches all over the world.The game is suppositional ,but it is judged by reality.

For learning: English
Base language: English
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    thank u very much.

    I don't think there is any football on the net. Do you mean soccer? As far as I know, the boys in South Smerica, they are cracy about it, the British ladies also like to watch the soccer game too.

    Hi Woody, can you tell us a bit more about this game?

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