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some times why we feel sad and alone?

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    Hi Chandni,everyone feels sad and alone sometimes. Here are 3 things you can do to overcome it.
    1. Look through your address book or think of old relationships which you might revive. Even if you've lost your job, you can contact a few of your previous co-workers and arrange to meet them for lunch or a social outing. Stay in touch via email, msn etc and keep those relationships going.

    2. Keep up any current relationships, as well . . . stay in touch with your friends and associates. Offer to meet them for coffee or tea.

    3. Use your hobbies and interests as a springboard for meeting new people. You could join a dance class, photography club or sign up for an exercise class.

    we feel sad and lonly when someone hurt you and you have alot of friends then you donot find someone next to you reduce your sadness. when you looose areal friend or someone close to your heart.when you like to make agood thing and you fail u feel sad ......alot of things can make you sad
    I think we don't find anything we are interestend in ......

    Chandniji very nice question and respected friend Jura's answer is very nice. I am agree with her. This is totally depend on our mind and thought. If we will think always in positive way we never will be sad. Always think one thing our life is not so long, Art is long but life is short. We should make friends. We should communicate our thoughts to each other. You know kids are very happy then young, why? Because they use word forget in their life.They fight in morning and talk again in evening. This is very nice way of life. Negative thoughts always gives us negative attitude. He/she, who is polite gets everything. So try to live with positive think, positive friends, positive attitude, positive work and with nice book and keep smile always. hahaha

    only one reasone according to me is "you dont have enough good relatives around you"! if you have nice friends and some true hearted people around then it is a little easy to pass difficulties of life!

    I thought the menaing of friendship ...........UNDERSTANDING TO EACH OTHER....

    We need to be alone. It is part of the nature. Sadness is a part of our feelings as well.

    yeah,i feel it sometime and maby all the answers to this question be go and find some frind but how i can find a great frien when there is no trustable guy there.i see what you want and i wish you will find a fantastic guy in your life.

    this is life

    but we will be happy with that

    we feel happy and good sometimes too! and i think if i would ask why we feel like this - u could answer this question easily. so don`t make it complicated! that`s what life is all about!

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