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Is this my name in Korean: ᅢ래 나 ᅢᄉ 카 로 나 (Elena Escalona)?

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    Your name is Elena Escalona, it is a pretty spanish name, in English "Elena Escalona", in Korean ᅢ"래 나 ᅢᄉ 카 로 나", your name havn't changed, except in pronounciation. Ellena is 엘레나 in korean, your last name is Escalona, there is no such surname in korean.


    i'm not korean but i think it's Elena Escalona
    애리나 앴가라노

    에래나 에스카로나 is.

    I think you want your name transliterated in Korean. Elena Escalona is mainly spelt as 엘레나 에스칼로나. Every Korean letter should have one consonant and vowel at least.

    When you want just one sound coming from a vowel, in your case "ㅐ," you add ㅇto the beginning, because for something to make a sound in Korean, it needs to have one vowel and one consonant (it goes in the order of consonant-vowel). ㅇis your consonant.

    So instead of ㅐ, you write 애 to make the e in elena. As hailey put it, your e can also be 에. That's also why she made it 스 in your last name; because you were missing a vowel (ㅡ is the vowel to make the ㅅ make a sound).

    So it ends up 엘레나 에스카로나 or you can sub. the 에 with 애, as you've written it.

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