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how to bend two german adjectives in a row?

Hi I wonder if you bend two adjectives in a row, do you bend them in the same form?


Es gibt freiem drahtlosem Internet. (does "geben" control Dativ?)

...or does the second adjektive use weak form, because the first adjective already has shown what "gender" the noun has?

which would lead to this:

es gibt freiem drahtlosen Internet.

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    You are right with bending, but...

    Es gibt freies (kostenloses) drahtloses Internet ("freies" refers to "Internet", DAS Internet)

    Es gibt freien (kostenlosen) drahtlosen Internetzugang. ("freien" refers to "Zugang", where DER Zugang becomes DEN Zugang) (Zugang = access)

    D, who hopes you are not too confused now ?!?

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