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To English native speaker: "zess" -> does this word have any meaning what so ever?

Is "zess" possibly a cuss word? I've been told once by an English teacher, that "zess" means something in colloquial language, but I don't quite remember. Can anyone help me with this?

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    It's not a word or even part of a word in American English (AE); Was the English teacher British? If so, then it probably means something in British English (BE).
    Even though they are more or less the same language, there are also many differences in usage between AE & BE; sayings/expressions, terminology, slang, pronunciation, etc.
    'zess' has no meaning in either US, UK, Austrailian, or any other English.

    Could the word be 'zest'?
    Zest =
    1. enthusiasm and energy
    2. the skin of a lemon, orange or lime when you use it for cooking



    Zess has no meaning that I am aware of in colloquial English.

    In one of the English phonetic alphabets "zess" is the name of the character used to replace "s" when it is pronounced like a z.

    For example: iz instead of is


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