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What is your favorite Arab singer?

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    1) Haifa Wahbe
    2) Nancy Ajram
    3) Nawal Zoghbi
    4) Diana Haddad.

    Nancy Ajram (lebanese female singer)

    My favorite Arab singer is Kazem Alsaher , he is a Phenomenon comes once in a century .
    I wish that you will listen to his art.

    And my favorite Arab singers is Oum Kalthoom , Cheb Khaled , Paskal Mashalany , Ragheb Alama and Warda Algeria ,Haifa Wahbe and Sonia Mbarek , and other singers

    hey! i have listened many kind of music! but not arabic! can anyone introduce to me? thanks in advance!

    the best arab rap singer is : lotfi double kanon
    one of his best songs is : KOLECH MACHI

    i found this song on youtube, the song name is : break dance

    pascal mach3alani

    Sami Yussef & Kazem Saher

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