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I´m from Germany and i`d like to have an exchange with someone from England

Hey guys,
my name ist Selin, I´m female, 21 years old and I´m from Germany.
I can speak turkish and german. My english is really bad and i want to learn it.
I need to learn english and am looking for a serious exchange partner to england.
I would like to england for 3 or 4 weeks and then I invite you to life with me for 3 or 4 weeks, of course.
I can help you with german and turkish, I grew up with these two languages. So just drop me a line if you re interested.

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Base language: English
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    Hi Selin. To make friends click onto Language Partners on the left side of this page and email an English native speaker to set up a time to discuss your proposal. You can also join Groups on the left too. Choose one for learning English that you like. You could also contact your nearest Rotary Club, they have short and long exchanges to English speaking countries.

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