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What is the difference between these two words ( beside and next to ) ??

I would like to know what is the difference between these words ... or the two words give us the same meaning ... thank you .

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    there are three words having similar meanings
    1."by","beside" -----by the side of
    There is a chair by the table.
    Come and sit beside (/by) me
    2."near"----------the distance maybe a little more far than "by""beside"
    There is a theatre near his home.
    3."next to"--------means close to (the distance is more short and close)
    There is a café next to the barber's.


    Both are prepositions, the meaning is slightly different
    "Beside" can also means "a part from that","except", "additionally", "near","and"
    next to" the meaning is more geographical

    - at side of: in a position next to or alongside
    - compared with: in comparison with
    - as well as: in addition to

    next to
    - immediately following: following immediately after the present or previous one
    - following this one: used to describe the day, month, or year following this one
    - adjoining: immediately beside or nearest to something
    - closest in degree: closest to something in degree
    - second: following the next one

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