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Do u feel the existence of God ?

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In my question i just asking about the supreme power , in english word we says "GOD".Please dont try to divide that power by religion means . Ultimately we all pray the same GOD by different name . Thank u all for viewing and answering my question,

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    think of the existence of a highly complex, sophisticated,developed,refined, balenced,stabilized,classical, blameless, finished, ideal,unequeled, spotless and perfect system, the universe.

    some times i think about how the things [ which can not be explained by science ] work in this universe! and i also think there should be some one to control it and handle it! may be some power is behind things!

    but till we can not get any proof! how can we name it god?


    The existence of a god....
    If you have Faith... you believe in it.
    If you don't.... You have to look for it.
    It is very long road.... don't you think ?

    do you think you are living because of God?

    people may have a different point of view on your question based of course on their belief. this is a long and tiring topic to argue at, but I should say, Yes, I do believe that God really exist.


    God, what do you mean by that.
    Can you tell me something about God?

    "there is no God but Allah"
    how do you live without thinking about who grants you the life with its graces?
    of course i feel the existence of God .who controls all this universe? who creates you?
    and keeps you away from the risks?and what about the death? is it normal thing?
    finally i wanna say that of course Allah is existed.

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