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what´s the difference between NO- NON- NONE?

well first of all i´ve got to say many thanks to all those who answered
my previous questions, I am delighted they did so and that well :D

Now, i have another question related to these three similar (for me) words.

NO (like in NO SMOKING)

what do thay exactly mean? how can I use them properly?
I can see a small difference among them, but if somebody asks me to explain that(such as a future student of mine), It´d be almost impossible for me to do so.

So i would be glad you can help me out!

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    "no" is used 1.) to negate an action / verb, or 2.) as its own adjective to a noun.

    Ex. 1: "There is no parking along this roadway."

    Ex. 2: "No students were absent today."

    "non-" is used with another word to form an adjective.

    Ex.: "This is a non-smoking restaurant."

    The word "restaurant" is a noun. The hyphenated word "non-smoking" forms an adjective describing "restaurant".

    "none" is used as a pronoun.

    Ex.: "None of the students failed the exam."

    Here, "none" is the subject -- a pronoun. The sentence could have been "None finished the exam." The phrase "of the students" is a prepositional phrase modifying "none".


    "No students failed the exam."

    "None of the students failed the exam."

    In the first example above, we could NOT have said, "No failed the exam." The word "no" is an adjective to the subject ("students").

    In the second example above, we COULD have said, "None failed the exam," because "none" is the subject by itself.

    no sa veux dire non en français


    Hello Pabilot

    Here we have 3 forms of negation.

    "No" is the simple one
    eg: no thank you

    "Non" means in this case "continuing"
    eg : we danced non stop during the night.

    None means in this case " Not one"
    eg : None of us have a car.

    Great question. I can't explain it well in grammatical terms-- that may be a job for Cherry or Erik, but comparing it to spanish might help.

    "No" is used about the same as it is in Spanish. "No fumar". No quiero"

    "None" is simply the same as "ningun". Como "Ninguno de ellos eran culpables".

    "Non" is tirckier. Examples: "She is a non-member" = "Ella es un no miembro".

    "The NO SMOKING section of the restaruant is for NON-Smokers" = "La seccion de No Fumar del restaruante es para los No Fumadores.

    Very subtle differences sometimes.
    This may be one of the times when certain phrases in english simply have to be memorize or used until they come naturally, even though there may be specific rules of grammar to govern their use.

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