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What is your favoirite song? Why do you like it?

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    The Power of Love by Jennifer Rush, it moves me every time.
    If you go away by Patricia Kass, meaningful n deep.

    Well, I can't choose a favorite, but for some reason I'm listening right now to "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers, and I'm enjoying it.
    I like it because it compare life to the game of poker.
    I also like the tune, even though I usually don't enjoy country music.

    "until the end of time"by 2pac cause it was actually what happen to my life..

    you remind me my good old days thanks


    many songs are favourite for me! sad song happy song! club song, rock song! because i like different song in different mood!

    There are many songs I love so much, give me various kind of feeling. In my opinion, each song makes different sense for me, or reminds me of some person or something.
    These days, I have listened "night prayer" by IRIDIO for many times, again and again. It is a lonely song, expressed my life. Lonely but never dispirited.
    It reminds me to be happy and strong. There is a secret about me, I will keep it forever. I believe he will also think of me when he listens this music, it belongs to us.
    Pain passed, I look forward to the future with confidence.
    Enjoy it, maybe you can feel my pain.

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