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My new Project is to design a "KINDERGARTEN",where can i get references ?

As part of my degree programme my new project is to design a kindergarten,need some good sites or references,if can get plans,details and photos ,will be quite helpful to me.

thank you !

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    oh, and about the design/good looking aspect ,...
    here you find some examples
    ( text is German , sorry , but good picture there )

    You should have a big idea , a konzept or a topic.
    Very popular right now is energie saving green building
    Less concrete, more wood. Sustainability all the way.
    In my oppinion this works fits perfect for a Kindergarten.

    I'd recommend using or or another search engine to find programs and ideas.

    hm,... that´s a very good question
    I know how to "design" a Kindergarten in Germany , but no clue about how to do this in India.

    So first i would go to the library/office and copy some page´s from a Book called "Neufert Bauentwurfslehre" / "Neufert Architects Data".
    When I rember right there you can find a lot of helpful advise and some very good examples.

    Well the first thing to think about is how many children will be there.
    How old will these kids be ? and how many of them are in one group ?

    Also importend is if any other room´s are needed ? like office , kitchen, WC, Storageroom and so on. You have to thing about a playground too.

    When you got this facts ready , you can try to fit then on the plot you have .
    In a nice way , grouproom and playground in the south (Germany!) .
    Secondaryrooms and parking in the north. if it does not fit you might need a second floor , ....that where the real fun starts ,...

    Safty is very very importend, building for children is not easy ,
    electric socket , switches, safty glas , nonslippery floors, avoiding sharp corners,keeping the kid away from the parking area and the traffic....the list is very very long ( almost endless ) .

    Hope this is helpful (?)

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    It's very specific area, I'll recommend same as Mister Wright.

    google it!

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