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예를 들면:오늘 오후에 친구가 공장에 일을 하지 않고 그만두려고 한다고 했으니까 그 집에 가서 권했어요.
설득하다,설복하다,권하다. 한국인 중에서 다른 사람을 권할때는 자주 사용하는 단어를 말해 보세요.

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I've seen your answers,including Jura and Duc.You two really did a good job for me .so I just want to express my thanks.If you two have any questions about China,please contact me.I appreciate your help ,Jura.But you kown Duc is a native speaker,if you don't mind I choose his answer as the best one,I will choose his answer.
so don't mind it,I remember your helping months ago. If I have any questions about English ,I will ask you a native speaker for help

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    설득하다 - 그만두지 말라고 설득하다
    설복하다 (X) 没听过
    권하다 - 술을 권하다, 담배를 권하다, 음식을 권하다.

    Hi just copy/paste into.

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