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Learning through song

I'm learning Korean and Japanese and have decided to learn them at the same time (I think it would help me better understand one language with the help of the other). I had seen that someone learned Japanese completely through music, and someone had learned Korean through music. I listen to music all the time (mainly Korean and Japanese), and I have a lot more Japanese songs that I'm interested in than I do Korean. But I think I still have enough songs to learn Korean. Anyway, I just wanted to know how I should study a song. Someone had told me to study with my Korean language partner and go over the lyrics. I've also created a list to study from on Is there any other way to study from song?

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    I haven't studied either of those languages, but I do enjoy listening to music in the laguages I'm studying.

    I think you can learn a lot, and the music can motivate you or get you more excited about learning.

    You do have to be careful, though, because music usually uses many colloquialisms (slang), and the grammar can be significantly altered. Full sentences are often not used, and songwriters often take many liberties with word usage and grammar.

    So I would say you need to supplement your learning with something more formal.

    Hi here's some info re learning a foreign language through songs..

    Hello 브리아,

    Yes, i think Mister Wright has got a point; it is not that recommendable to depend entirely on the linguistic correctness of song lyrics.
    However using this method will enable you to :
    - Improve your listening skills by constantly listening to the pronunciation of the words in the song.
    - Increase your vocabulary by writing down the lyrics or searching them on the net and singing the lyrics meanwhile while listening to the song.
    You can look up new words in the dictionary and it will certainly add up to your vocabulary while having fun.
    - have fun ,it is far from being a tedious method to learn and acquire new vocabulary, specially if you like the music and the lyrics.
    So enjoy ;)

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