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Could you please tell me if 'feel yourself comfortable!' is correct in English? It does not sound good to me.

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    Hi Sol, I think you mean to say, 'feel free to make yourself comfortable'. This is a polite way of saying please sit down. Another saying is 'feel free to make yourself at home' means tat you are welcome to make yourself a cup of tea/coffee, go outside and respect that person's home as your own.


    In special cases you can use " feel yourself comfortable".

    "yourself" is a reflexive pronoun. It can be used in the same clause to reinforce the subject.

    For instance, " You feel yourself fying through the air." This a good use of the reflexive pronoun.

    The problem with the expression "You feel yourself comfortable" is that it means the same as "You feel comfortable." The form without "yourself" is the NORMAL way to say it.

    Take a deep breath, then exhale. Continue until you feel comfortable.
    Do you feel comfortable with your dance partner?

    Why would you make it reflexive?

    The answer is that you do it for the effect, to emphasize the subject "You".


    Take a deep breath, then exhale slowly. Continue until you feel yourself comfortable.
    (Continue until you feel your(self) gradually become comfortable.)

    Do you feel yourself comfortable with your dance partner?
    ( Do you, yourself, really feel comfortable with your partner?)

    I would avoid the use of "feel yourself comfortable" in normal conversation. However, you may hear this used in advertising for the effect, or simply as an example of bad grammar.

    It should be 'Make yourself comfortable' as the above answers state. Have you been receiving my emails? I am concerned that my email server might not be working properly, and I want to make sure they are reaching you.

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