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What is some examples of simple subjects and complete subjects?

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    Example sentence #1:

    "The big, gray, ugly, hungry shark ate the whale."

    Who did the eating in this sentence? The shark did.
    So, the "shark" is the "simple subject".
    The complete subject is "the big, gray, ugly hungry shark".

    So the complete subject includes the simple subject, plus all of it's modifiers or descriptive words.

    Example sentence #2:

    "The cold, white snow fell on the ground".
    Simple Subject: "snow"
    Complete Subject: "cold, white, snow".


    Hello Vivien

    Your question is not clear enough... Can you rewrite it Please ... Thank you.

    do you mean "complex subject"?
    here is and example:
    The boy and the girl are standing in the corner.

    "the boy AND the girl" = complex subject (2 different subjects combined in one)
    the verb is plural

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