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How to be happy always?

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    always smile even you have a big problem


    another good thing is to stay healthy always.

    Don't worry, be happy! :)

    My recipe to be in good mood is not to be tooo serioius. But it doesn't mean to be light-headed.

    believe me.. believe me.... to be happy always is not possible! you will HAVE TO pass through sadness!

    this is not nagative attitude but the reality!

    Hi, it is not possible to be happy always because life is not like that. Happy people tend to believe that they are the masters of their fate, rather than the victims of circumstance. When you look at the stressors of your life as a challenge rather than a threat, you tend to come up with more effective solutions and feel more exhilarated (rather than drained) as you tackle these circumstances.



    "To be always happy" is a good motto but not realistic enough...
    But usually we say "life is short" so be happy.
    Try to think always positively and learn a lot. It is the secret to be happy...
    See you some day on this site...

    Positive thinking can make you happier.

    life is equality to veryone .that is happy or not is up to your attitude .please take a hart of thanksgiving,enthusiastic,expansive .you will be always happy

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