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What is the most important in learning English???

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    It depends on your focus, or your reason for learning.
    If you want to work as a translator, or you need to be able to read or write documents for work, then you may want to focus on written english and grammar. Maybe take classes that are based on those aspects.

    If you just want to be able to converse with english speakers, or your job requires telephone contact or entertaining customers, then you may want to take a course based mostly on a "natural method", where speaking and listening is emphasized.

    Of course, as for every beginner, they want to learn English and use it as much as they can.In your question, I guess it should be that your want to get the good way of learning English.I think you may start it from spoken English.And try to communicate with your friends or partners as much as possible.Thanks. If you still have puzzle, you may send email to me at

    The most important in learning English is to finish your school home work assignments. You will also need to do extra works on you own, such as reading, watching movies, and practice to speak with your friends.

    Strasvutie Yana. The most important thing when you are learning English is to remember the English words.
    You can follow 2 methods.
    First is the repetition-based method, where you learn words by writing them several times or saying them repeatedly until you remember them all. If you patiently follow the process, you will see your vocabulary extended very well.

    Secondly, you also need have to have a notebook with your own note-taking rules. Each time you log onto Italki, note down any new words in this Answers section.
    The only problem is whether you want a rich vocabulary or not.

    Any good plan should answer the four following questions.
    Firstly, how many words will you learn a week: 5, 10, 5 or more?

    Secondly, when will you learn them? At a fixed time every other morning or anytime you feel like learning?This is what I personally recommend
    Thirdly, how often will you review what you have learnt: once a week, once a month or before a test ?

    Finally, what areas will you focus on: sports, music, games or sciences? The answers may vary a great deal from one person to another depending on memory, schedules and interest. Otherwise, your study results won't be as you expected.

    You can gain a big vocabulary and improve your English by simply by determining what field of words to learn, making a plan of learning, choosing a learning method and regularly practising your plan and method.
    Although it is up to you, daily vocab learning is better than weekly and weekly is better than monthly.Good luck.

    Hello Yana,

    Beside Mister Wright's advices concerning linking your aim and goal with choosing the appropriate method of learning the most important thing when learning a language in general and English in particular is how much you are motivated to dedicate enough time and effort to learn it in the first place.

    Once settled with a goal you can have a plan and decide whether you are going to learn on your own ( applying self learning methods) or take lessons as a good basis that helps you to learn on your own later.
    While learning it is very important to keep practicing and not to stop for a long period.

    It is important also to vary your methods of learning for not getting bored.
    If you don't feel an improvement at the beginning you should know that is a gradual process, so just keep learning and don't give up.
    Good luck:)


    Hello Yana,

    If you are really serious about learning English, I strongly advice you to take some sessions with an Italki teacher here on this site.
    It is the best way to have solid bases.
    Go to the left side of this page and choose a teacher you want to learn from...
    Then send him/her an email and schedule a session. It is easy to start here ...
    Good luck!

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