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Please help translate this

Pag bukasin mo jowa mo ha.

For learning: Filipino (Tagalog)
Base language: Filipino (Tagalog)
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    "pagbukasin mo jowa mo ha."

    "pagbukasin" - to ask someone to open (up) something.
    "mo" - you / (in this sentence it means 'your')
    "jowa" it is a colloquial term for boyfriend / girlfriend.
    "ha" - a particle to soften the command.

    so, the sentence would be translated like this:

    "tell your boyfriend / girlfriend to open the..... (xxxxx)" or "make him/her open the... (xxxx)."

    by the way, another term (informal) for gf/bf in other language are:



    please add more details so we can translate it to you.


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