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Whom of Quran reciters do you like most and why?

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"The Book was revealed in Mecca, printed in Istanbul and recited in Egypt" (Popular saying).
So, would you, please, provide me with some great egyptian names?

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    Abd Albaset Abd Alsamad ,, He is the Ultimate reciter without a doubt
    He can changes His Voice , He has a long breath :) , The whole atmosphere he creates is Just Awesome ..

    Sheikh Mishary Rashed Alafasy.

    Barney Wilson is the only person I've heard recite from the Quran, so that's why he is my favorite.
    I love to listen to the holy Quran from (Mishari RASHid Alafasy) because of his beautiful voice and his way of reading.
    Please, check this link.

    Abd Albaset Abd Alsamad believe me lady, itsvoicefrom heaven, forgetabouy ppl from gulf:)

    Mishary Rashid Elafasy
    i love his voice!

    I like most Agazzabri Omar, his voice fascinates me, makes me feel that I listen to the Quran for the first time that I am a miniscule creatures should in the universe.

    i really like Mashary Rashid El-Afasy,he has a great voice and a great style also

    Check this:طه&type=mp3&number=1&M_id=147&C_id=20&moshaf=&mp3_number=1&mp3_size=6.21&rm_number=1&rm_size=4.11

    i am arabic man .in this moment of year i prefer listen .chikh abdel baset abdel samed (egiptienne nationalitie) but ther is a best of

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