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How to be a good teacher of English?

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    Hello! I'd like to share the impression of good English teacher in China. You know, teacher is one of the most respective career in China.
    first, good English teacher has good pronuciation and English language ability.
    Secondly, if he or she has good personality, very kind or patient, he will be popular.
    Last but not the least, he has his own method to learn English with fun, Wow, I think he will be very popular.
    Then wish you can become a good teacher! ^_^


    Hello Paiwand,

    As you know probably to be a good teacher require a lot of patience but most of all a passion to teach something you know very well ...
    Then you need to be available to your students and also a lot of understanding.
    I prefer to talk about vocation.
    Good luck to you

    Most students need to have a good grade in school, give them extra credit if they do extra work.

    Hello paiwand,

    It is not enough to know what you are teaching but also to be able to explain it and make the student perceive the meaning . Having patience as well as passion as previously mentioned by Marie-Helene are also important qualities of a good teacher.
    Using various methods of teaching are important for not rendering the teaching experience tedious altogether. A teacher has to be attentive and acknowledge the student's progress while encouraging them always to improve their level.

    There are already some excellent comments here. To be a good teacher you also have to make your lessons interesting based on current events so that students will look forward to your lessons. It is also important to have a reward system for students who try hard and those who finish work quickly.

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