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Can you show me arabic alphabets with telugu translation

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    Hello Surya

    If you have no answer here, it means no one was able to answer to your question. So try to contact few "language partners" on the left hand side on this page or "language teachers"...
    Good luck !

    The is alphabets arabe in frenche : أ(a)- ب(b)- ت(t)- ث(th)- ج(g) - ح(h) -خ (kh)- ذ(da) - ر(r) -ز(z) - -ش(ch) -س(s) -ص (sa)- ض(dàà) -ى (y)ط(ta) ع (a)-غ(gh) -ك(k) - ل(l) -م(m) -و(w)-ن(n) -ه(h) -

    -And naw the pronansation :أ(alif) . ب (bae) .ت (ta) . ث (tha) ج (jim) ح (ha) . خ (kha) .ذ (يàà) . ر (ra) . ز (za) . ش ( cha) . س ( sa) . ص ( saa) . ض (dtha) . ى (ya) . ط ( ta) . ع (àà) . غ (gha) . ك (ka) . ل (la) . م (mim) .و (wa). ن (na) ه (ha)

    EX: listen to me(Ang) ....انصتــــــى الــــى (Arb)..... Ecoute moi (Fr)
    Why?(Ang)................?لمــــــاذا (Arb)............Pourquoi?

    I can do better than that, for u and to all who want to learn Arabic.
    here is a site were u can see and hear the pronunciation of the alphabets and other words too ....
    I hope you know lettle English because its gonna help you to understand the meaning of some words.
    so good luck with it .

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