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does someone knows how to start a new life away from your country?

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    It depend on what kind of live you want to have in the new country.
    You need to deal with immigration laws that may vary from country to country.
    It also depends on your country of origin.
    It depends on your professional skills and work experience.
    Do you have a specific country in mind?

    Hello Esmeralda,

    Do you already have your plans ? Like having chosen your destination, going there for a job vacancy or studying? Do you have your accommodation settled and what you are asking about is how to start a new life from there ? If you just gave more details I would be able to give you an appropriate answer :)


    Hello Esmeralda,

    What more exciting than that !
    Yes, you have to deal with a lot of different things but it is part of the adventure, isn't it ?
    I will be happy to share with you few ideas ...


    Hi again

    If you decide to come in Australia to start a new life, I can help you ...
    I did that few years ago.

    like they say theirs no best place for you rather than your mother land..but if you want to star new life first you must forget your past and try to live in need to study culture of your new country even the way of living you need to adjust everything on you to adopt your new life..


    it depends!

    but first get a good job in that country then get a lot of knowledge about your country!

    then because you are human, you will know how to live a better life in that country!

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