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How can I learn Dari?

Hi everyone,

I have a good friend in Kabul, Afghanistan who speak Dari, which is an eastern sister language to Farsi; There must be materials out there for me to learn Dari but I'm having a hard time finding them!
I'd rather not learn Farsi if I'm able to find Dari materials. Anyone have any suggestions?
I found a site where you can write out the Dari alphabet but that's about it.

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    Greetings again.You might visit this site [ ] and ask about a civilian / commercial version of the "Tactical Dari" interactive software for self-training - albeit mostly for everyday / functional / "tactical" applications -- in the Dari language and associated Afghan culture.

    I understand that civilian versions of both "Tactical Dari" and "Tactical Pashto" either now exist or will soon become available to non-US Government customers. Details on released / soon-to-be-released products may also be available at this URL:

    Hello Maidhc,

    It is hard to find Dari teachers or classes online,however here are few sources that might help me :

    - You can purchase some the following Pimsleur language program:

    - This site has got Dari video lessons:

    Hi , there is a free Byki software bundle which a full working copy of Byki Express, plus a collection of lists to learn Dari.

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