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how to use "as such" and "such that"

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    -as such = in the exact sense of the word
    The new job is not a promotion as such but it has good prospects.
    None describes himself as such in the party's official literature.

    - such: it's an adjective used to describe the degree or quality specified (by the 'that clause'):
    The noise was such that they couldn't concentrate.

    It is also a subordinator of result:
    He's such a decent person that all the people respect him.
    = He's so decent that all the people respect him.

    'as such' is an adverb.
    It means 'with respect to its inherent nature'
    eg "this statement is interesting as such"
    Synonyms: intrinsically, per se, in and of itself

    'such that' is used to emphasise a point

    Emphasis on the adjective + noun

    It was such a beautiful meteor storm (adjective + noun)

    that we watched it all night.

    It was such a quick meteor storm (adjective + noun)
       that it went by in one night.

    Hello Gamini,

    "as such":

    It is used with a negative to indicate that a word or expression is not a very accurate description of the actual situation.

    "I am not a learner as such. I used to ride a bike years ago."

    You use "as such" as well after a noun to indicate that you are considering that thing on its own, separately from other things or factors

    "He said he was not against taxes as such 'but I do object when taxation is justified on spurious or dishonest grounds,' he says."

    "such that"
    It is used in order to say what the result or consequence of something that you have just mentioned is.

    "He had a very successful interview such that they are very likely to hire him without hesitation."

    " His manner was such that everyone didn't like him."

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