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What is the most commonly used Russian (alcohol) toast?

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    Honestly I believe that they’ll think Kells insane if she suggest a toast to VDV in Russia, imagining it one of the most commonly. Civil people do not use this toast at all.
    There is a very popular toast amongst young people in Russia «Чтобы у нас всё было, и нам ничего за это не было». It means let it be we have everything but we won’t have any negative consequentions for it.

    Hello Kells,

    “Za vstrechi!”
    This one is used for people getting acquainted . It means “to our meet-up”. If everyone already knows each other, you can then skip this.

    * “Lyubov!”
    This is always to love. Usually it’s proposed by men to the ladies present, with suitable compliments on their beauty and charm.

    * Za zdorovie!”
    The phrase refers to “here’s to health!” It’s is a little bit dull.

    За ВДВ! - Za VDV!
    means "for the airborne troops" ;)

    Seriously, Cherry's right, Za vstrechu and Za zdorovie are the most popular

    "Za znakomstvo" - toast for the first meeting.
    "Bud'mo" - the most used toast in Ukraine.
    I agree that "Za zdorovje" - "to health" is the most common short toast. I don't like it though, since I find it very funny that drinking alcohol is not actually good for health. And the toast is not meant to be funny or sarcastic, therefore it fails in my eyes.

    Besides, if Russians are making a toast they usually tell a story that ends in some sort of moral/excuse for merriment and drinking.

    Another common toast that I like hearing is "Выпьем за то, что мы здесь собрались, и чтобы чаще собирались!" - "Let's drink to our having gathered here, and to gathering more often!".
    The toast in English prononciation - "Vipjem za to, shto mi zdes sobralis, i shtobi chashe sobiralis!"
    Of course "Za milih dam" - For pretty ladies:)
    за ВДВ!

    Well, the common sequence of toasts usually looks like this:
    1. За встречу - To the meet-up;
    2. За здоровье - To our health;
    3. Third toast is always - To parents - За родителей;
    Then - To love, to ladies and so on, includind to VDV! :)

    Mmm. Russian Alcohol Toast.... Sounds delicious. ;-)~

    "What stronger for a man character, that less slope he to nepostoyanstvu in love",
    So we will have a drink for our weak character, opening such horizons!

    "За здоровье"("Za zdorovie”) - we drink alcohol "To our health", probably, this toast good display absurd part of russian mentality )))

    I think, also we can use "vzdrognuli" - "вздронули", but not like a toast ))

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