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Does anyone know where I can find some Chinese short stories that have the pinyin?


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    The stories uder the"默认正文". They are short stories with pictures ha ha.

    Hello Daniel,

    Check this site:
    Every word in the short story is written first in Characters then (pinyin) as follows:
    古 (gǔ)时(shí)候(hòu),在(zài)中(zhōng)国(guó)西(xī)北(běi)的(de)新(xīn)
    then a whole sentence is translated in English:

    Here are some Chinese children's books with Pinyin. At the bottom of each page, there are short explanations of the ideas behind each of these stories.

    You can read The Fat Woman Pinyin Book (Chinese Edition) (Perfect Paperback) ... It contains six short stories written by contemporary writers.

    Here's some more;

    i think u can go to the book shop and find the books of primary school ,so call "baby book" that has pinyin on the top of the words.

    haha, most books, online stories, with pinyin are for kids. I think the whole reading kids books to learn a language is not the best thing.

    I have a little electronic dictionary called mandarin king, zhongwentong

    u can take a story, news item, from the net, save it as a txt. then put it into the Mandarin king. it has a function button that gives u the pinyin. also u can select the words and use its dictionary to get the meanings.

    I also like to look at native chinese speakers' chinese blogs. I find they talk about the everyday stuff, work, shopping etc. and use lots of slang

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