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Is there a short or casual way to say "My Japanese isn't good"? At the moment I say something like "watashi no nihongo wa ii jya nai" but I know that isn't good Japanese. Gomen ne ^_^'

How to explain poor Japanese?

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    "Boku wa nihongo ga jouzu ja nai"
    "Boku no nihongo wa mada umaku nai."
    You can change "umaku nai"&"jouzu ja nai"

    "Boku wa nihongo ga heta desu." = "My Japanese is bad"

    formal<ー watashi - boku - ore ー>to be close

    from poor Japanese man:P
    Boku wa Nihongo ga heta desu. I am bad at Japanese.
    Nihongo ga zen zen dekinai. (My) Japanese is not good at all.

    if you want to be super polite, you can say
    Nihongo ga sukoshi wakarimasu, demo, jozu ja arimasen.

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