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Why are you learning a foreign language?

If you'd have to choose from these 5 options:
A. Work-related
B. School-related
C. Relationship-related
D. General interest
E. Cultural heritage (ie. one or more relatives speak that language)

Additionally: Has your attitude towards a language changed over the years? (Eg. from merely work-related to something of general interest.)

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    Well usually it's D for me because I really love languages.. But each language has different reasoning.

    Dutch = C / D / E
    German = B / D

    With Dutch, I actually started learning it as a joke. I had some Dutch friends in a chatroom I used to frequent, and they would speak to each other in Dutch, so I was like, "I'm going to learn Dutch so I know what you guys are talking about, just in case you're making fun of me!" When I started learning, I found that I actually liked the language. Nowadays I use it to amuse people when I'm in the Netherlands ^_^ (Wins points with my boyfriend's dad.. haha, he thinks it's adorable when I try to speak Dutch)


    My answer would be A, B and D. Language study is the kind of learning that can help people find out more about the world they are not so familar with, which is a good thing cause most people are curious about.

    just one answer, it is :D !

    E and D about equally

    Started as a C, moved to D and now to A in the span of less than a year...

    With English, I started first at my father's request (that was before my elementary school years), and I hated it under the influence of my father who was not so excellent with English (especially with pronunciation), and without much patience. Later on, since it was a required class in the curriculum, I had to learn English, and well, to earn my points at school, which belongs to the school-related category. As I moved to Canada, it became a learn-English-or-die situation (whichever category it belongs to). Now, as English becomes another language that I speak fluently, it just becomes part of my life. I never had too much interest for it (except when my grandfather, who was a guru in English but didn't live close to us, helped my mother and I brush up our English skills before we moved to Canada. His classes were totally a blast!), although I admit that English is a very important language and popularly spoken, which helps me in my communication with a wider range of people, and I do boast in my fluency in English sometimes.

    With French, it's another story. My mother used to be a member of a medical team that provided help for people in Morocco, which is a French-speaking country. I used to sit on my mother's laps and ask her to teach me a little French to satisfy my curiosity. Of course, my mother has a totally different persoanlity and she taught me with patience; my patience, however, did not stay long. By the time I moved to Canada, I forgot all the French my mother had taught me, but with the pleasant experience I had I'd developed a liking for it. Of course, in the English-speaking part of Canada, one has to take a year of French as required in the curriculum, but when the year was up, I continued to learn French until I went to university and my schedule couldn't fit a French class.

    I like this question - it makes think about things. It's had me thinking back to my early years, which I'd never really done before. And look at these experiences, they are so enriched that they should be written out as a story, lol.

    Hello, I am moving to China, Beijing for my work so it is mainly A. work-related but as I have a general interest in the culture it is secondly D. general interest and as I want to be able to communicate, mingle and meet with local people it might become C. relationship related, as I hope to make new friends.

    B and D, I think.

    My mom forced me to start German. English and Swedish are obligatory subjects here in Finland. I also chose Russian because there aren't enough Russian-speakers in Finland and Finland shares so much border with Russia that it is important to understand each other. Later I developed these weird obsessions to understand meanings of words and their "colour" (ehh, sounds weird...). I enjoy tracking similarities in languages and words... :D

    b & d
    Most of students in shanghai have to learn english.
    i love american films, music and tv series, that`s the second reason why i wanner learn english.
    and i choose japannese as my third language cause i`m interested in their culture.

    Hi! D, I think. I like it[language learning] very much, so I do it. It's a sort of my hobby.
    English: B -> B+D -> B -> B+D -> B ->
    German: D -> D+B
    Finnish: D -> D+C
    Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Slovak: D

    hallo,i like your point and question.and i love german language.

    Why am i learning a german language?

    firstly,it's D. General interest .i loved fooball,so i was addicted to oliver bierhoff until now.and many football stars in europe and world cup.certainly,i'm the fans of bayern hobby is philosophy,berlin movie,music,berlin brandenburg gates,goethe institute,goethe building,german food and drink, cars and heavy industry ,german-speaking people.strong people like merkel,Uta Klein Schmidt.goethe,sigmond Freud,and so on.too many common interest with the all german info.

    B.'s second cause.i was studied in shcool about the second language.any my teacher was an ambassador in switzerland.he showed me more books and magazines from's all related to be a leader in any field.

    C. Relationship-related.i think now i add more networks with the german-speaking friends.why?i would like to be a great and confidence person to build my own personal name,like german.most of them do the excellent job.

    A.'s true that i had cooperated with the german customers.but our poor quality products let me down.i didn't like to be a i decide not to contact my german or top class clients.and my second job,my boss had developed the market in german.and i seldom develop the german-speaking markets.that's why i changed my job again?i wish to join in a german-speaking's my big dream in 2008.

    E. Cultural heritage (ie. one or more relatives speak that language) i have no relatives known german.but my father know only russian.i think to know more languages,it 's teh est way to build the bridge over the trouble the movie.teh bable.i must e a good listenner,then i can udnerstand all and forgive some differences.

    now i had teh passsion for german.why not?i hope to enjoy EUFa 2008.i don't like world cuo it's true,except the 1990 one.haha.

    A. Work-related
    B. School-related
    C. Relationship-related
    D. General interest
    E. Cultural heritage (ie. one or more relatives speak that language)

    Additionally: Has your attitude towards a language changed over the years? (Eg. from merely work-related to something of general interest.)

    b and d,it seems everyone are learning english, but after i learned it i feel i love it!

    D. General interest.

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