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number 6 in arabic:"set" or "sitta" which is standard arabic?

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    hello Allison
    you may want to check this web site it' going to help you in numbers you can listen and write them as well....
    and visit the home page it have a very good collection too....
    all the best.

    hi number 6 in Arabic : is " sitta"
    Sitta ..

    it is *setta*


    " Sete' " (Seteh, Set, Sette) is how the people who speak the Levantine Arabic in Lebnan pronounce the name of the number 6...
    Hello ,In MSA both are right,but we use "set" when we are talking about feminine object.
    Ex: ست مدارس ،ست عربات
    sit 3rabat,sit madares
    Six vechiles,six schools.

    The other one "sitta" is used for masculine,ستة رجال => sittat rejal (six men)
    ستة أقلام => sittat aklam (six pens)
    Note:i wrote "sittat not sita because of "الحركات" "

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