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Why Chinese has no pronoun for females and no plurals for nouns.

A Chinese teacher from Taiwan who claimed that Chinese is not the same as English, there is no pronoun for female such as she, and no plurals such as they are, you are, dogs, cats etc.,

歡迎你對我的任何說法 公開提出討論 互相切磋
1. "妳" 字 並不被中國大陸的語法學家所接受

2. 請注意 漢語也不會用 她們 您們 小狗們 小貓們等詞表示複數

3. Question to Italki: "老師 等同於 語言交換夥伴" sjzh 兄完全正確理解文本意涵 擊掌 拱手 但為何被評定 -5 我不解其中緣故 評定負分者 該給你一個理由 我似乎陷您於不義了 為sjzh兄平反 也建議 italki 限制評定負分者需提示理由 方得受理.

Additional Details:

I was wondering whether the responder for anaita998710 can read and understand Chinese. He states "歡迎你對我的任何說法 公開提出討論 互相切磋 " it means, he was requesting the question to be posted on Italki for public viewing. The questions in #1 and 2 are his own answers. It is a simple yes/no or true/false questions for the other viewers to verify. Questions # 3 is his own question to Italki. In answering to his own questions that claimed "提問者的語言環境不明 上下文缺乏 天外飛來一筆 便要求解釋 翻譯" In English, it means that he, the asker himself doesn't know the difference of the language because of the geographic location. Unfortunately, he demand himself to answer and explain.
Apparently, he was taking this opportunity to demonstrate to us that he is a Scholar, writing a long essay about his opinion on when, where are these Chinese words came from. He also claimed that everyone are Anthropomorphic for those who don't go along with him. In answer #6 paragraph 7, he quote: "引述一個寓言故事 還有 青蛙們呢 ", 青蛙們 it is the plurals for fork. Since his own answer in #1 is 漢語也不會用 她們 您們 小狗們 小貓們等詞表示複數. ( Chinese don't use 們 in represent plural). His statement is "USE". he use 們 to represent the forks in his quotation, which is contrary to his own answer in #1.

Additional Details:

was: which is contrary to his own answer/statement in #1
Is: which is contrary to his own answer/statement in #2

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    well,actually we have.the pronoun for females is "她",“她们”.When we say something about people,we sometime put a "们"after that,like 人们,她们,孩子们....but there's no plurals for nouns when it after a noun about things,because we can know that.For example,I say there are five apples on the desk,"桌子上有5个苹果",we will not say "桌子上有5个苹果们".
    I always think maybe we use plurals to emphasize something,that is not only one alone

    1."妳"字的来源我不太清楚,但是字典里确实有,但是没人这么用的,可能港台的人用得比较多? 至于大陆的"语法学家"? 什么是"语法学家"? 而且这和语法也没有关系.
    3.这一句让人不知所云,首先"意涵"这个词并不存在,"涵义"或者"含义"均正确.其次,"提示理由"动宾搭配不当, "提出理由"可以. 最后"評定負分者 該給你一個理由 我似乎陷您於不義了"这一句完全无法让人明白.
    另外他说话用的是书面文, 日常会话不会以这种方式进行.

    Well there you go, your question's answered.

    I was involved in the previous answer.
    Answer 1-2, I disagree. A teacher is not the same as a learning partner. I was the the one give him/her the minus that he/she is request my explanations. He/she raised another question that there is no pronoun for a female (she) which is 她 in Chinese. He/she attempted to confuse readers by using examples 1 and 2, but the examples are not related. The question has either a true/false or yes/no answer. If the question is whether there is a pronoun for "female in Chinese (she, 她). If the majority people go for "yes" then Mr. Wozitoya is correct. Here, my answer is "yes", in favor of Mr. Wozitoya.

    3. In this sentence, "老師 等同於 語言交換夥伴," the teacher is the same as a language exchange partner . As I am a native Chinese speaker, a teacher is not the same as a language exchange partner. The words 擊掌 拱手 means agree upon. It appears that they are conspiring to make the incorrect answer the correct answer. Everyone else knows their answer is incorrect. He/she is attempting to solicit to support their conspiracy.
    Comment: is the place for language exchange, it is not a place to commit an unfair act and help people become famous.

    It's because every country is differernt.That's why Chinese has no pronoun for females and no plurals for nouns.In other words,many Chinese will ask why English must have a pronoun for females and have plurals for nouns too,isn't it?

    In Taiwan, there are plurals for dogs and cats. I found hundreds.


    小芬救援的小貓和小狗們- 台灣樂活動物協會
    每天看到自已所餵食的浪貓浪狗們,. 心情總是感到很沈重的!氣自己的無能,. 不能把牠們
    全部都帶回家照顧!但我總會告訴自己~. 這雖然是小小的一步,但我卻已經逐漸往目標
    ... - 38k - Similar pages

    小狗們加油!! 不要放棄自己-狗狗台中TCDog-新浪部落
    希望小狗們能夠加油!!! 一起對抗病魔!!! 也希望已被結紮原地放養的Maggie能健健康康的
    快快的再度被我們找到~ 我們從放養到現在才看到他一次我們已經找他找了五天了還是 ... - 31k - Similar pages

    我想,如果你在中国住的时间再长一点,有些东西,你自然就会明白,我们中国的语法和你们美国的有很多都是很像的.试着找一下共同点.其实,汉语不难学的 .....

    如果硬要给小狗与小猫加上"们"的话,只有一个办法: 拟人.
    不拟人的话,乱加"们",后果很严重..... XD

    Billions of People living in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China, and the overseas Chinese in United States, can these people represent Chinese? I just answered the question with supports but involving all the Chinese in the world being accused for non human being. ( If you can read the above chinese answer, you will know what I mean.)

    No matter where you live, most people rely on Internet search engines to find information. The major search engines are Yahoo and Google. I did the search with the keywords "小狗們" and "小貓們" on these search engines in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and US. They all came up a list contenting these Chinese words. 小狗們 means dogs, 小貓們 means cats. It is not the meaning, it is in the articles that were written using these Chinese words. Only two Chinese people in the world didn't agree dogs and cats have plurals in Chinese. "imsales 找的那些例句全部是拟人" (imsales is me, 拟人 means Anthropomorphic). The disagreed person said that those people that imsales found on the Internet are Anthropomorphic. So, if you are the Chinese and rely on the Internet search, then you are one of the Anthropomorphic - the results is very serious (后果很严重). He suggest that those Chinese who use the search engine and rely on it, they are the Anthropomorphic . For those who believe what he said without wonder and question to ask, then those people are considered to be human. Do you agree?

    It is serious to him, because if no one believing in him, he will turn all the human being into Anthropomorphic. It is serious for me, because I was conerning about his intention to make the incorrect answer the correct anserwer, fooling all the people in the world.

    我赞同 宇SonGoku 的说法!既然说普通话,大家用简体字比较简便!不要用繁体字!麻烦!真是写字的时候用繁体字那该多么繁琐!
    1."妳"字的来源我不太清楚,但是字典里确实有,但是没人这么用的,可能港台的人用得比较多? 至于大陆的"语法学家"? 什么是"语法学家"? 而且这和语法也没有关系.

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