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who wants to learn tagalog?

I've been looking for somebody in italki who wants to learn filipino. I added those members but they do not reply. are they interested to learn the language or not? :-(

please email me if you want to talk with me.


For learning: Filipino (Tagalog)
Base language: English
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    its life my amigo you dont know when they are going to reply on you...maybe they are to bussy well you have to wait o.k.

    Batang Pasig!


    people do get busy. in my case school started up, so i have to focus on that.

    i got an audio course so i can start listening to tagalog conversations. i have a friend teaching me some simple phrases too. i'll move on to italki once i feel i'm more experienced.

    in the meantime, i'm enjoying helping my friends with their english.

    Halimbawa bising-bisi ako pero natututo ako ng Tagalog pansin-pansin (from time to time?) as much as I have free time, kahit may oras ako. Normal na ito na bising kachat mo, amigo!

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