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How do you ask , how are you in korean....

is it just included in annyeonghaseyo? and what are some responses to this..
(ex: Fine, how are you, etc .)
if you could provide a romanization, that'd be great too. Thanks, :D

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    there is alot of ways to say how are u ...ect

    let me see..

    __in polite greetings:

    1-처음 뵙겠습니다 how do you do?

    2-별일 없지요? whats new?

    __greetings betweet close friends:

    how are you doing?

    1-잘 있었어 ?

    2- 잘 지냈어요 ?

    2-어떻게 잘 지냈어요

    for answer::

    you say 네, 예
    another answer

    별일 없어요 = no thing new

    그저 그래요= normal ^^
    ^_^ hope that was helped ^^


    AN-NYEONG-HA-SE-YO (안녕하세요) , the response is also AN-NYEONG-HA-SE-YO (안녕하세요)

    잘 있었습니까? 어떡해 오셨습니까?

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