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What do you think about the Poles?

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    Cześć Kasia, jak się masz?
    I think the Poles are fantastic and very useful to have, without them the world would be an entirely different place.
    It would not spin properly!
    My favourite pole is the south pole in the Antarctic, which is your favourite?
    Do zobaczenia

    Hi Kasia, there are big Polish communities in every state of Australia with their own Dom Polskis staffed by volunteers. Some run a Saturday Polish language classes and you can learn Polish folk dancing. All the major Polish commemoration days are honoured.You can buy Polish products from speciality shops.
    Every day you can watch the Polish news on TV or listen to the weekly radio program run by volunteers. As my parents were Lithuanian, I have always had a lot of Polish friends as well.

    Polish Historical Institute in Australia -
    Kasia, you can read about the History of the Polish community in Australia; Polish organisations ... Western Australia. Cracovia Club Inc. - a Polish Community Centre in ... -


    Australian-Polish Community Services
    community based non profit organisation.

    Hello Kasia,

    I hardly judge people by their nationalities and can't generalize, I know a Polish girl who is really nice and friendly.
    However in general I could say that Polish girls are brought up in close-knit families where mutual love and respect are priorities.
    And they are mature and efficient in running households , an invitation to guys :))


    Hello Kasia,

    I think in general they are nice people and a lot of adaptabilies...
    They are close to my heart... I'm French...

    I like very much polish people because they are good people and they help any one very much and i am working in tourism and i have spoken with a lot of tourists but i find that the polish peole are the best because they are kind people and i hope that i learn polish good and work with them mahmoud

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