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Going to Japan and need to learn it asap!

Additional Details:

Thanks for the reply. I want to learn normal conversational dialog and phrases so I can get around town. Thank you!

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Base language: English
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    How do you want us to help you? Japanese culture and/or Japanese language?

    Hello mudanoman,

    You better browse for Japanese native speakers in "language partners" on the left side of your home page for a mutual exchange of Japanese and English.

    Check as well those basic Japanese phrases with audio support :

    ではまた ;)


    Hello Mudanoman,

    the best way is to click on "language partners" to find people who will be able to help you quickly...
    Good luck!

    Hi why not start off with Italki?

    You can enrol for Japanese language course to start the basic.

    Firstly, you should be able to say Japanese some greetings and thanks.
    Most of Japanese are a little bit shy, but if you say to them using Japanese,
    they will feel easy answering to you : )

    ありがとう arigato- THANKS
    ごめんなさい gomennasai I'm sorry.

    and so on・・・

    Please tell me what kind of phrese and conversation do you want to know.
    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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