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Teacher's pay should be based on their students' performance?

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    Hi, over many years of teaching I have found that incentives based on student performance are unfair. They punish educators for what is outside of their control, especially if they teach in slum areas, increase divisiveness between faculty members, and may in fact do little to bring the best teachers to schools where poor working conditions and a low base salary are the norm.Would you want to work in such a school ?


    Hello Heart

    In that cas, Presidents of the countries should be pay on their economy performance... or on the rate of unemployment... do you think it works that way...

    In a sense, yes. but basically, I believe teachers are paid based on their competitiveness. why? it's obvious that most of those who are teaching in an upscale school are those who are highly educated or atleast have a master degree. besides, it's not the students that make the teacher, but the teacher makes (molds) the student.


    Hello Heart,

    In an indirect way yes.
    First the teachers are chosen according to their qualifications and their experience then if they prove themselves worth a raise in their pays ,than that would be because of the positive impact they had on their students.

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